Amy Whitaker, LCSW - Individual, Couples & Relationship Counseling
Choosing a therapist is a difficult decision.  Take a minute to email me with your goals or questions and we can discuss whether or not we would be a good fit. 
Here are a few details about my practice focus. 
  • My speciality is relationships.  This is often an individual focus so you can learn how to improve, generate and enhance relationships. 
  • This focus is also done in pairs if both you and your partner want to address mutual issues together.  Often sessions are a mixture of individual and pair depending on the particular need at that time.
  • Often anxiety and depression directly impact relationships.  There are multiple ways to directly address both anxiety and depression so that they are managed in a manner where you remain in control and don't allow the symptom to control you.
  • Anger, frustration and irritability affect relationships.  This may inhibit you from developing relationships or it may keep you from communicating effectively in your relationships.  There are various tactics and techniques for addressing anger, frustration and irritability. 
  • Communication is the most common source of struggle in relationships.  However communication is one of the skills easiest to learn and improve which often produces quick and effective results.
My office is a quiet and private space designed to afford you the comfort and freedom to let go and focus on what you want out of life and how to get it.